Bundle of Joy

Not only is life a gift but also a miracle. A woman who gets to experience motherhood is truly blessed, as I have witnessed from a couple of my friends. One friend, specifically, inspires me time and time again; her name is Aila. Aila agreed to share her motherly journey with us and this month I’ll have her grace my Lifestyle segment.


This is baby number two for Aila and I remember how excited I was when she asked me to do this shoot for her. Photos of her baby number one shoot got lostΒ a few years agoΒ when my laptop crushed, and nowadays all that ever rings in my mind whenever I save anything in my laptop is ‘Back up your work!’. These machines are man made and man-made gadgets are prone to failure.

Anyway, for this first shoot, Aila went for royalty and she nailed it, I must say. Here is how she wore it.






Pictures by Elle

Many thanks to Aila and Javi :-).

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  1. Motherhood seems to be a beatiful thing and I can’t wait to experience it when it’s time. Your friend looks stunning.
    Princess Audu

  2. Milly Onyaye

    This is way too cute! Look at how she is glowing!!!

  3. Aila and her daughter are so beautiful. Being a mother is a job but the most fulfilling and important job than being a CEO. All the best to her!

  4. Gorgeous pics..Congrats Aila

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