Tribals that make you scream ‘YES!’








              Pictures by Justo

This is one of those dresses that I used to think twice before putting on. I still haven’t figured out why but it will never happen again.

Talk about tribals that make you scream ‘YES!’ and flatter your body extensively. From the size to the design, it’s just perfect. I still can’t get over staring at the pics but let’s see if you guys will have the same views 🙂

One thing though, I’m quite cautious when it comes to tribal and printed outfits. I mostly opt to neutralize the busy outfit with shoes that do not fall so far from the one of the colours. It’s called ‘playing it safe’.

For this outfit, I opted for beige-ish shoes from #DukaKwaBoot and a thrifted clutch, then threw in a pair of stunners for my not so sun-friendly eyes.

Blessed week lovelies.


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  1. fashiontipp

    hi dear! You look amazing! I love your heels <3

  2. You can never go wrong in tribal hun, they exude pure elegance and edge at the same time. You thrifted the clutch? Though shall never thrift good things without me accompanying her, so take me with you next time for good luck charm. I love those shoes, can I have them already!!

  3. The dress is gorgeous,a definite yes and you looking great. I love how the dress together the shoes accentuates your legs beautifully.

  4. I really love these kind of dresses.. and I used to be like that.. often opting for the safe monochromatic look. Now.. I need to have more of these gorgeous dresses! 🙂

    Looking gorgeous! And I love those heels.. and how you’re perfectly balanced on the train tracks! 🙂

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    • Elle Okumu

      Believe me Natassia it was epic. Kept on thinking what if the train comes .Thank God they always make that annoying sound miles away and thanks for peeping dear.

  5. I love that dress..prints are a win for me..
    Looking lovely dear..xx

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