A few days ago, I accompanied some friends to an out of town escapade. Though I was told on short notice, I couldn’t let the chance to just have a few hours out of the busy city and enjoy the fresh air of the country side pass me by. Plus it had been a while since I went on a road trip and this semi road trip and i also figured it would do me a lot of good even though I would be somewhat working while at it.

Anyway, so at around 2 p.m. we left for Tigoni. I’ve heard about the place numerous times but have never thought of visiting. Tigoni is in Limuru, one of the coldest regions in Kenya. Limuru is around an hour’s drive from the city. On our way to the venue, I couldn’t help but gaze at the beautiful scenery and green site of the country side. It’s amazing how in only a few minutes the environment changed from a crowded city to a scarcely populated environment which is so peaceful and inspiring.

Finally, we got to the Waterfall Inn, our destination. Nature is so beautiful and it just speaks art and how creative and awesome God is. Ever found yourself thinking who thinks of such things and brings them to life? Apart from the water fall, seeing the skyline of Nairobi from where I was standing was just magical and as the night kept creeping in all I could do was just smile.

Some things are meant for the human eyes and the human eyes only and not even a camera can capture as accurately the beauty that is beheld. Let me leave it at that.


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  1. That was quite an escapade. It feels good to leave the busy city once in a while, it’s not only a little vacation on it’s on but also very therapeutic.

  2. The view is certainly breathtaking. Glad you had a fun time.


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