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Photos by Justo.

YES. I had a ‘pot’. NO. It’s not here to stay; it was just visiting for the holidays. The visit got me to start routine exercise, though I must confess that at times I skip the routines.

Today’s outfit covers my new color crush, royal purple. What better way to make an introductory statement than with a perfect fitting body con midi dress?

CAUTION: Expect to so more of purple-inspired outfits :-).

Love and love.

Outfit – Custom made

Jewelry – Envy

Stunners – My collection

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  1. Visiting pot?? haahaha you are so cute! Love the dress, it’s divine!

    • Elle Okumu

      Thanks darling and it sure was visiting ..The amount of seat ups I did ,still do just to get it to leave..

  2. Cheptoo Cece

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Loving this shade of purple. Too cute. The pairing with those shoe color is cute. {Foodie Heaven}

  3. Milly Onyaye

    Oooh Elle hunny! You have been serving us with some awesomeness lately! Love the consistency of your posts of late…. Something which I’ve been struggling with since I’m still trying to balance out work and blogging! And I think custom made clothes is the way to go nowadays right?? Can’t believe this number is custom made! So so beautiful.. Very simple and yet elegant! Less is always more! And this post prooved it once again… Keep it up..

  4. Purple any day any time..but after blue..heheee
    Royal colors rock and you look amazing in purple!
    I especially love how you paired it with pink..Lovely!

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