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Pictures By Justo

I love basic colors outfits because they can be worn in different ways and ‘with denim pants’ just happens to be one of the many ways.

There’s something about denim pants that makes life so much easier and comfortable. They are cut out for any environment and could be paired with just about anything from blazers to crop tops, vests to t-shirts and shirts as well. I mean, what more could a girl want than a couple of perfectly fitting denim pants in her wardrobe?

For this particular outfit I decided to go with the normal monochrome, black and white, and since they are seasonal colors, accessorizing with a good bold colored shoe played out very well ;-).

Tip;Pop of colors with your shoes or handbag is always a win win when it comes to Monochrome outfits.

Outfit – Gifted

Jewelry – Pryde arts and Envy

Shoes – Oldies_DukaKwaBoot

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  1. Looking fab… love the look n if I ever get a chance to stop by your wardrobe I’ll definitely stick by the shoe section and just pick every shoe pair you have.

  2. Style is indeed eternal in your life ma, you look amazing!!! You are slaying the post, jeans- check, top- double check and shoes- tripple check!!

  3. Simple yet so elegant..Love it

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