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IMG_20141223_213855For as long as I can remember, I have always had my hair relaxed. It’s only recently that I decided to start wearing my hair natural. in two months ,I’ll be marking a year since I did the chop; not that I had the big chop because I previously had a pixie cut then braided for a few months before chopping off the relaxed hair.

I’ve come to learn to love my hair so much that with every new day that comes I learn how to style it differently. Having learnt the art of braiding, I’m yet to try braiding myself. Yes. I can actually braid hair from cornrows to twists and box braids.

Anyway, dear ones, in this one year of my natural hair journey here are things I learnt and thought I should share it with you guys:

Co-wash your hair: Co-wash your hair with conditioner and deep conditioning treatments regularly to maintain moisture.

Knowledge is power: Read through the ingredients that make a product before you purchase it.

Patience: I am struggling with patience as a person but my hair has taught me to be patient all the way. Afro kinky hair takes time to grow and the more you watch it, the slower it seems to take.

Befriend moisturizers: Always moisturize with water and natural hair products like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, etc.
Naturalaxers: Stay away from organic or natural products also known as ‘texturizers’ and ‘relaxers’.

Rough Myth: Kinky hair is not strong hair. PERIOD! So don’t go around pulling it when detangling, rather, caress it.

Heat: Excess use of heat on natural hair leads to breakage and dryness. Instead, use protective styles such as twists and braids.


 Pictures by Justo.

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  1. Contrary to popular belief, co-wash isn’t a “do” for everyone. I’ve met girls who grumble about how it doesn’t work. I’m one of said girls too. I did however watch a video on YouTube where someone did a coconut oil/cowash regimen which I tried and actually liked it, but my hair…..and shower not so much.
    Congrats on cutting off relaxed ends and the one year line. I did a big chop six years ago, plus yearly chops. I decided to let the hair grow early this year tho. The hair caressing tip tho…lol nice choice of words!!

  2. Thanks for the advice hun, I went natural this year and the struggle is real, patience is key indeed and Lord needs to give me alot of that cz imma snap……I love your hair though. Very informative post.

  3. Congrats
    Am like 5months natural, I relaxed last year, shaved again this year, this time I hope i let it from to an Afro, can’t wait….
    Your hair looking great, continue growing it and share your looks

    • Elle Okumu

      Thanks so much Wanjiru and I will give you all the moral support to make sure you don’t relax it again:-)

  4. Milly Onyaye

    I will be marking my two year anniversary on the 25th of September!! Though I don’t wear my hair out often because it takes so much time and energy to maintain and style, I must say I am glad to have seen so much growth and most of all volume in my hair since I went natural! I have the hardest hair on this planet!! But I have learnt to embrace it.. I’m just eager to see how it the coming years… Happy nappyversary to you Elle!

    • Elle Okumu

      Thankks hun. I have seen your hair in pics ofcourse and it just enhances your beauty. Ill be sure to remind you to celebrate your nappyversary. Thanks so much dear :-*.

  5. I don’t cowash my hair yet, but I sure will try it soon. You have very lovely natural hair, Elle. I’m glad you went natural with it!

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