A trial and error situation









Pictures by Justo

In the few months I have taken blogging and personal styling seriously, I have learnt one thing; Style is always a trial and error situation. Sometimes it’s a win win other times a win lose or a loose loose.

But the best part of it all is the mistakes I make because they have not only built me but I get to learn something new. Including how distinct our perception is when it comes to dressing up.

Just as Style Life also is a trial and error situation and most creative people will agree with me, that in the process of coming up with an idea its always about trying so as to get what will work and what won’t work.

The bottom line is loves, that as you make mistakes you learn from them after all life is too short to be serious.Have fun, do what you love and fall in love with what you do over and over again and always remember when it comes to my first love which is style; fashion is what we create and see but style.style belongs to you.

Ankara dress Β – Custom made

Shoes – Cute Couture

Earings – Pride arts

Neck piece – Dubois rd



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  1. Love the location of the shoot, the dress, the creativity of the shoot, your words, etc. Love eeeverythang!

  2. Why do you want to end your life at that young age by lying on the railways tracks and sitting there? Life is too short though. I love this dress, it gives a hint of a better than you once you enter a room. Great post.

  3. Pretty, pretty dress… Please allow me to call you “African Cinderella” from now on πŸ™‚

  4. Emily Warinda

    this was toooooooooooooooootally a *WIN* *WIN* hunny…. You look all sorts of gorge…. Those sandals (#sign) that Neckpiece (i want)…. So effortlessly chic *wink*

  5. Your outfit looks so great dear. I do love Long Ankara dresses but they hard to come bye and you rocked it with those flats Very elegantly styled together with your hairstyle. And sure style changes from time to time as we discover ourselves and get eager to try something new!
    Enjoy your Week


  6. Milly Onyaye

    Well said Elle!,Its all about learning.. Each time you fall, you wake up again and try again!!! That Ankara print is dapper… Love it on you.. Have a lovely week dear!

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