Americanah – The Review

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved reading as long as it did not involve any Math. But then again, Chemistry always had my love in high school. For some reason, ever since I finished campus my love for reading just got lost somewhere. I won’t say I grew out of It because you never grow out of reading.


 This year marked the beginning of revamping many things that I used to love, and reading was one of them. Lately, I have been trying to rekindle my passion for reading but I end up taking so many days just to finish a book, which is so frustrating. I want to find that inspiration again and create time to read more.


I began by trying to read a book every month, which is definitely not that good but a great start to getting to that point where I can classify myself as a ‘reader’.


In my last encounter, I got hitched to this amazing book; Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It took me a week to finish it and I’m still mourning the end of such an amazing read by an amazing writer.


Americanah is one of those books you can read over and over again, all the while crossing your fingers and hoping that they never release a movie adapted from it because it won’t be as good as the book. Americanah takes you into the minds of most Africans when it comes to their perception of the developed countries, especially America and the hope brought by just mentioning the country’s name, as well as how hard it is to make it in a foreign land and the things that young African students go through when far from home.


Chimamanda tells us of two love birds and how at times it’s just too hard when it comes to long distance relationships, but she also reminds us that love always finds a way if we are ready to fight for it, forgiveness being key to this. Forgiveness here means not only forgiving others but forgiving ourselves too.


Lastly, the political and social aspect of the African continent is also brought out well in this book. One can pin point real life characters that are clearly brought out by Chimamanda.


I’m not advertising this book, but if you haven’t read it, you are missing out because it is a must-read.

Thanks so much dearies and enjoy the rest of your week.


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  1. I love Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi because she is an amazing feminist!!! Grown woman by Beyonce is a key evidence and her book Amaricanah is definitely a must read! Great review!

  2. Everyone is raving about this book. I really need to read it!!! But I have no idea where it’s available in Ghana. I’m really going to make an extra effort to get it this week. I’m a huge bookworm too by the way! But I HATE chemistry.
    Great shots too by the way. So fresh and cute!
    Xoxo Cara @

  3. Milly Onyaye

    I need to get this book asap! I have heard countless reviews on it! Can’t wait to read it..

    • Milly dear you ill love it.You can be sure of that and tell me which character you identify most with when you are done:-).

  4. I’m definitely not a great reader but I might just try out the book.What!!Chemistry had your love!!!Interesting because it was quite the opposite for me because I just never seemed to get it

    • Yes sophia. I had a thing for the moleconcept. Never at once did I fail in Chemistry.And you should read. I wouldn’t mind reading it again.Thanks for dropping by dear xxx.

  5. Chemistry and math were really not my favourite subject
    My sister have been telling me to read that book,it must be great
    you look lovely too

    • You need to read dear. Believe you its so addictive that I had a softcopy for the office laptop for the hours that I was less busy.

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