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IMG_0877 - CopyPictures by Nathaniel.

So, POTUS was in town over the weekend and I bet most of us still have a hangover by his presence. I mean, who wouldn’t be? One thing that stood out for me is the fact that he is a man who speaks from his heart and for him, family comes first. President Barrack Obama has got to be one of the most inspirational leaders of our times. I’m so proud that I got to be part of this history.

On to style matters now, July has proven to be a trying month for my fashion favorites; the cape has become one of those items that you need to have in your closet for times like this. To brave the cold winds and for a laid back look, I decided to layer a cape with grey skinny denim and drape it over a turtle neck.

I must say that I’m completely in love with the touch of elegance that capes are known to display when paired with any outfit.

TIP: The cape’s ability to add class to your outfits shouldn’t just end in the daytime; drape it over a hot dress and even try a short skirt for some sultry.

Love,love and more love.xxx

Cape – Mums

Denim and Turtle neck – Thrifted

Shoes – Same one worn here

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  1. Amazing,epic and indeed elegant.I’m in love with the photography work.Your photographer did a great job and the cape is a yes.

    • Thanks so much grace dear. Ill be sure to pass the message. That’s if he hasn’t seen this already

  2. Emily Warinda

    Elegant indeed… that Cape is Life…… lovely post dearie…. Hugs XX

  3. Milly Onyaye

    Miss Elle. Elegance should have been your second name; picture this, Elle Elegance….
    Cape’s are just amazing! They can be really expensive but they are totally worth it. Super Chic Elle!

  4. That is one very elegant cape you have right there. I think I’d wear it as a dress first….don’t ask. I love how you paired it in a conservative way without losing the touch of elegance. I can’t get over how long it is…..if ever you are done with it, holla at me. I love your nails too.
    Nice work with the pictures, they portray lots of mystery…lady in black.


  5. So pretty missy..the pictures are lovely..loving the lighting effects


  6. Wow, stunning pictures, Elle! I wonder if I could ever rock that. You look amazing.

    Cara @ http://www.xocara.com

    • Thanks Cara an definitely doll You have the body for just about anything, Capes shouldn’t be a problem.Thanks hun.

  7. Love the look from head to toe, Elle! What a fantastic cape, such a fab idea to accentuate your waist with the silver belt. Your first pic is incredible, dear! Happy Monday, Elle!

    xxx Ira

    • To keep the belt was my Photographers Idea.I was undecided on that but I’m so happy he convinced me.Thanks so much dear.Happy you love it XXXX.

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