Mellow about Yellow.

Ever had one of those days when NOTHING works out and EVERYTHING seems to just be going wrong, and not even the highest form of optimism seems to bail you out? Yeah, same here. A few days ago all I wanted to do was just shut out the world and sleep in.

But then again, I have to admit that life is too beautiful to not want to do anything. So, a piece of advice, whenever you get the blues, try feeling yellow; laugh it off. If you’re like me, get some food (wraps, Japanese, KFC ice cream) and drown the blues. Drink some milk shakes or smoothies and get high on sugar! *BAD ADVICE* Anyway, MORAL behind all this is, tomorrow is a new day for you to start over so CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK.

Just to take you back to the ‘indulging in unhealthy stuff’ bit, if you’re not a foodie, bright outfit’s will make life brighter for you. Try playing it at yellow (symbolic for love),white (double love) or anything that brightens up your life :-).








Stay happy loves and many thanks.XXX

Photo Credits – Justo

Outfit – Gikomba

Shoes – Thrifted


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  1. Emmah Karuana

    Love yellow, looking good dear!
    please follow back:

  2. Ooooossshhheeeyyy Turn uP… Look at you looking like a pimpim… iTrip biko… and the crowd goes Yyyyyyyyeeeeaaahhhh mehn… You know ehn Bubb… This post is ghen ghen like that… and like you said ehn Baby mi… Eez neFer that deep biko… Tomorrow wihh be BeRRa than today… so kick off your shoes and Dance like no one is watching… mehn when I feel really bad ehn… Clubbing **wears Evil grin and seeing a movie solves all my wahala’s… Nice one Bubba… First time here yeah… and AYAM loFing it bajè baje… **winks…

  3. I will say it again..yellow brings out the best in you..Lovely as always

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