Investing in a good coat will always be a win for me, reason being coats are a staple item that you’ll always need in all seasons. With this cold season, coats are becoming a necessity for every outfit. You just don’t know when exactly mother nature will flex her muscles and let the rain pour massively.

The thing I love about formal coats, more so, All Saint Coats, is that you can tone it to casual and look chickish by simply throwing in some Denim and an easy top.

For this one though, I opted for a more formal way by belting it up; Simple and easy for the office and perfect for the cold weather.

Tip; don’t choose to wear your trench as a dress when you’re in a situation that might get hot and uncomfortable events that are mostly outdoors.

Outfit – My collection

Photo credits – Justo







Feel free to share your thoughts on coats as dresses :-).

Many thanks for dropping by.


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  1. Brenda Midamba


  2. Beautiful and elegant coat Elle,rings are on fleek.

  3. Lovely structured coat, you give me no choice, I’m moving to Kenya! (Because Ghana never gets cold enough to rock winter clothes. Boo boo. )

    Thanks for visiting my blog dear. You have a lovely one going on here.
    Cara @

    • Thanks for reading Cara,haha please do, id love to meet your. and have an up close with you.But kindly note you can only move top Kenya between May and June The rest is all sunny.Thanks again dear :-***

  4. Emmah Karuana

    wow looking lovely dear!

  5. This is a beautiful coat…it has nice color and structure. Love the bag and belt too.
    Am so glad you included the tip to warn everyone else…I learnt the hard way.

    • Many many thanks doll and thanks for dropping by.I had to just like you I learnt it the hard way :-*.

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