As you may have noticed, I’m becoming a bit of a dress binge. Ever since I got hooked with Beckysville Trends, Tuesday afternoons have quickly become  dress shopping afternoons.
My obsession with dresses is nothing new. The driving factor to this obsession is the aura femininity that they have in comparison with pants. For this particular one, I decided to add a hat and a pair of one of my favorite heels from DukaKwaBootto complement the flowery vintage fabric. I think I rocked it!
Photo credits – Justo
Happy Long weekend :-).

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  1. Vintage always looks classy…and that’s the word for this outfit, Classy. Loving the hat too.

  2. sophie

    I love your dress,so pretty and colorful and love the shoes too

  3. Scott Mitchell

    Congrats on your nomination GHAFLA. Beautiful site

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