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Ever listened to Atemi’s Nairobi yangu  or Dela’s Nairobi love?. Well, if I could write music I’d release a Nairobi song too coz though Nairobi is not perfect, it’s one of the best places to live in. I am a proud Nairobian and one thing that makes me think that it’s exceptional is the Matatu culture. Sometime back, CNN did a feature about matatus. You can watch it here.


Though most matatus are not the description of comfortable, I have to give it up to R. O. G Sacco because they have some of the best mini-buses in the city, comfort wise and presentability. Incorporated with CCtv’s, free WiFi, controlled music and a crew that’s very friendly, the ride to and from the city centre couldn’t be any more fun; there is nothing not to love about them.


I was pretty much excited to have one of ROG Sacco’s matatu availed during my last photoshoot – one of the most fun photoshoots I’ve had in a while.wpid-1431323386216.jpg

YES! Dressing up and javing to a date or work is stylish 🙂 This month I celebrate Nairobi’s public transport/matatu culture and the distinct identity that it gives our beautiful city. Thanks for reading #NairobiYangu.wpid-1431323494684.jpg

Many thanks to R. O. G Sacco and Tango 3 Crew.

Outfit –  Thrifted
Photo credits –  Justo
Lighting – Merci

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  1. rog sacco is totally the best… this is amazing

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