I am not one of those people who choose what to wear the next day the previous night; no way! But then again, rules are there to be broken. Thus, I have a few exceptions to that rule e.g. an event that I’m really looking forward to or a date I am so excited about, reason being my mind has a 90% probability of changing every other minute when it comes to what I’ll wear to such occasions. The excitement literally sweeps my mind off its feet 🙂 At times I even buy or make more than one outfit because of my ever-changing mind. My mum always wonders why I complain that I have nothing to wear despite the fact that I have so many clothes in my closet!

Away from that, do you ever wish that you could wear anything to work? Well, that’s if your work place is so much fixated on the official look for its employees. I’m that kind of a hard-headed lady, the black sheep of my company, who breaks those official dress code rules every now and often. Finding me in a suit is close to impossible; I play it at casual-official, if there’s such a phrase 🙂

Anyway, thanks you all for reading. Have a super productive day.

Top – Ngara

Pants – Serinda Fashions

Photo by Justo





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  1. prisybrisy

    You look lovely in that outfit

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