Crop it.

Confessions 101: I’m so crushing on Crop Tops 🙂 I know I’m a ‘late bloomer’ on this subject coz Crop Tops are not a current trend, but hey, better late than never.







With that out of the way, this brings me to Confessions 102, I guess. I’m not so crazy about trends. There I said it! I normally wait till they are sort of not trending and I believe that is exactly what’s happening with Crop Tops. I just don’t like the fuss that people create over a new trend. Plus the chances of running into someone wearing the same outfit in an event are very high, which is something  I prefer avoiding.


So, this week’s series is The Crop Top. Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Outfit – Here
Clutch –  Toi Market
Shoes –  DukaKwaBoot
Photo credits Justo

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  1. Soila le Kariuqie

    Nice look,the colours are great….

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