Colour Me Beautiful ;-).

Sometimes, all times, simplicity means fashion; you don’t have to wear latest trends and colours to make yourself feel comfortable, all you need is a simple outfit that is a timeless fashion on your wardrobe.

Speaking of simple outfits, I have a confession to make; I hope you won’t judge me. My confession might be one you already know, or perhaps, you might be hearing it for the first time. Here goes… I’m obsessed with this sun hat. YES! But you can’t blame me if it’s too hot in Nairobi.

IMG_20150226_081817_2806IMG_20150226_081843_7805Today’s look serves one purpose; reflecting what’s inside #Happiness. One thing I have learnt about living this life is that you have to enjoy it as much as possible. Make mistakes and learn from them. Do what makes you happy as long as you don’t hurt others in the process. Learn to live you dreams. Most Important, always be grateful and trust God.


Add some colour to your life if its monochrome and believe you me it will get more beautiful and brighter.



Hat – Here

Outfit – Toi Market.

Shoes – DukaKwaBoot

Photo Credits – Justo


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