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Pictures by Obedphotography It’s been a minute! I know, but I guess we have gone through why I might go on a break for a couple of weeks and then resume blogging. Well this time round it was work bundled with loosing psyche to practically do anything? TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

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Weekend steals

Pictures by Obedphotography So I have wanted to do a laid back post for the longest time possible. One of those that entails my normal home days, or hotels stays with nothing much to do than laze around. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

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Beauty Inside.

Pictures by Obedphotography So one of the things I have set out to do this year, is to focus and work more on my Inner beauty which is one subject that rarely gets talked about. As they say, you can wear the most expensive clothes, make and be the prettiest but […]


Handbags edit.

Handbags are a girl’s home away from home. Having one that stores everything you will need for the day and looks extra stylish is quite important. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

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A touch of orange on nudes.

  I really wish I could wear Denims or jogging’s on a daily basis but unfortunately they are ‘not work appropriate.’ Anyway I bought this pair last year and I still can’t believe that I have clothes in my wardrobe that have never been worn before.  For this particular weekend […]

My style

Flirtatious Emerald & Crop.

     My color obsession kicked in a few month ago and  I can’t seem to leave anything that screams rich color alone but can you blame me? They are just the best outfits ever  and they make your moments automatically brighter and beautiful. I don’t think this obsession will […]