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My style


Investing in a good coat will always be a win for me, reason being coats are a staple item that you’ll always need in all seasons. With this cold season, coats are becoming a necessity for every outfit. You just don’t know when exactly mother nature will flex her muscles […]

My style

Just dress up!

Most, if not all, of the time my outfits don’t have a story to them. It’s always as simple as ‘I think this will go well with this so let me try it on, stand in front of a mirror and hope that I don’t look like a clown’. This […]

My style


I am not one of those people who choose what to wear the next day the previous night; no way! But then again, rules are there to be broken. Thus, I have a few exceptions to that rule e.g. an event that I’m really looking forward to or a date I am […]