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Nude steals.

Pictures by Obedphotography. It’s no secret that I love love love nude colors. They are the epitome of class and flawlessly blend in with any color. I won’t say black is one of my fav color but it’s definitely one of my to go for color. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

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8-5 kind of woman.

  Pictures by Obedphotography I have never been known as one who follows the 8 to 9 office rules and I certainly won’t start now. Anyone who works with me will definitely agree to the fact that I can be a bit unpredictable when it comes to what I wear […]

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Cigarette Pants

Hola Fashionistas. Hoping you had a productive day. Now, let’s not kid ourselves. When we talk about fashion we are simply talking about recycling looks dating as back as 2000 years ago to early, mid and late 90’s. As a matter of fact, we are simply updating vintage fashion.One updated […]

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Lust List 0

Hey loves. I trust you all had an amazing day. I’ve been trying to revive a series that I had started a while back called LUST LIST. This ‘Lust List’ contains items that I’m planning to buy; those that I lust after and wouldn’t mind if someone felt philanthropic enough […]

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In the process of coming up with a title for this post, I recalled how I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa, specifically, Cape Town. It’s one of the African countries that is on top of my to-visit travel list. Apart from the fashion sense, shopping, wildlife, beautiful scenery and its […]