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Styling shorts 1.

Happy new week loves. So I got this amazing book (War room) from an amazing lady Emerald, which I’m currently addicted to. I’m still in the first pages and putting it down has become a problem. I would recommend it to any man/ woman out there and make sure you […]

My style


Bonjour Aime :-). Oh French!, one of my Favorite languages but let me reserve it for when ill visit Paris :-).So today I wrap up this series by leathering up a pencil skirts. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

My style

Lust List 0

Hey loves. I trust you all had an amazing day. I’ve been trying to revive a series that I had started a while back called LUST LIST. This ‘Lust List’ contains items that I’m planning to buy; those that I lust after and wouldn’t mind if someone felt philanthropic enough […]