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Feeling it!

Hallo Huns, So, how is June so far? Yeah, I know. It’s only just been a week but I’m loving June and its unpredictable weather…NOT. As time passes, change is the only thing that remains constant and speaking of change, has anyone watched Cece Sagini’s Feel it?  Since its release, […]

My style


Bonjour Aime :-). Oh French!, one of my Favorite languages but let me reserve it for when ill visit Paris :-).So today I wrap up this series by leathering up a pencil skirts. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

My style


In the process of coming up with a title for this post, I recalled how I’ve always wanted to visit South Africa, specifically, Cape Town. It’s one of the African countries that is on top of my to-visit travel list. Apart from the fashion sense, shopping, wildlife, beautiful scenery and its […]