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Bonjour Aime :-). Oh French!, one of my Favorite languages but let me reserve it for when ill visit Paris :-).So today I wrap up this series by leathering up a pencil skirts. TwitterGoogle+0LinkedinPinterest0Tumblr0Facebook0

My style


Most of us, if not all, associate pencil skirts with the corporate/work environment. Actually, I do too. Lately, if you have been reading my posts, I’ve been focusing more on the art of comfort ability. On this third episode of the pencil skirt, I feature a simple loose top (hard […]

My style

The white Pencil Skirt Ep 1.

Happy New month Loves! I still can’t believe we are almost half way through 2015. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining, but simply in awe of how quickly time moves nowadays. Either way, I love it and I’m definitely looking forward to more blogging. Speaking of blogging, I was […]