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Pictures by Obedphotography It’s been a minute! I know, but I guess we have gone through why I might go on a break for a couple of weeks and then resume blogging. Well this time round it was work bundled with loosing psyche to practically do anything?

My style

The Boho look

Pictures by Obedphotography As you guys may have noticed, I have grown to love colorful outfits, especially dresses. And when they come in maxis, the better. I am and always have been a huge fun of boho looks and maxis relate quite well when it comes to achieving the look […]

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Orange Therapy

I’m a binge for colorful, long beautiful coats. There is just something about them that draws me to them. I would say that this was bought in preparation for the cold weather but as I was fitting it, I thought why not do a look book. To tell you the […]