Introducing the sparkle bodycon.

Introducing the sparkle bodycon.


Pictures by Obedphotography.

So who else feels that it’s been an awfully loooooooooong month? I definitely have nothing against August but it certainly feels so good that it’s over.


I don’t think my love for body cons will evaporate anytime soon. Just when I think I have gotten what I wanted, I get hooked to something else.

I know you guys already had a fair share of sparkled pieces but this one just brightens me up. It’s not too much so be sure that I can wear it to the office and the length is perfect.

Plus I’m trying to embrace this new craving of living in nothing but dresses and that include dress topsJ.

Thank you for stopping by loves and let’s catch up next month.

Love and love.

Special thanks to Nasimi Interiors for their beautiful space.






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