Another day in shorts.

Another day in shorts.


Pictures by Obedphotography.

 Happy new month  style lovers :-*

I thrift most of my shorts and so it was quite easy to find this ones. I wanted something that would complete a certain top that I had gotten online. Yes those thrift pages on IG. You guys would get to see it in my next post.


I think I have once talked about how I normally create my outfits on my mind then start looking for the pieces or better yet , how I always purchase an item when I already have what to pair it with. If I cannot picture it then let’s just say I won’t buy. And there was no exception on this one. The rule applied. Mercy and I went on a short hunting mission in toi and for the first time I got the shorts and we immediately left. Something that rarely happens.

I can be very petty when it comes to the material. So this one is a Khaki one and I love that it’s an official one.Decided to Paired with a turtle neck, ankle boots and not forgetting my most loved accessories at the moment; stockings.

Shorts – Toi  | Red Turtle Neck  – Taveta road  in Nairobi cbd | Stockings –  Bata| Shoes – Gifted | Belt – Gifted| earrings and Rings – Masai Market.







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