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Pictures by Obedphotography.

Hi guys,

So quite excited for this last quarter of the year. Having faith that God will continue to walk with us.

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Allow me to recap on my last post and in case you didn’t read it you can always check it here. I mentioned something about online thrift stores especially on the gram.

So have any of you guys tried buying anything on those IG pages that you have to send a full M-pesa payment for reservations? Truth be told I’m yet to figure out how fast this pieces go, or maybe I’m just too slow when it comes to using M-pesa but weeeeehhh!I have to give it to these ladies because if someone beats you on  sending money they always refund plus their stuff is really cool.

Speaking of cool stuff I got this top from one of them shops and I love it. It was the main reason I went for a short hunting mission at Toi. You can also rock it with some pants or pencil skirts.

Again guys, I can never get tired of saying thank you for your response here and on social media. Love is all I have for you. So stay safe and be good.

Love and love.

Shorts – Toi  | Top – Tujuane (IG) | Shoes – DKB| Belt – Gifted |Clutch – Primark  | earrings and Rings – Masai Market.

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  1. I bought shoes on IG once it worked out ok but probs won’t do it again. Anyways, you look amazing in orange! I could never pull off those earrings, but you look gorgeous!

  2. Elle you are definitely throwing it down with these looks hey.
    I can just admire and applaud. Onto the thrifting part, I am all for it especially supporting small and upcoming businesses on the gram.

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