Primp #2


We are almost saying bye to July and as usual, we can’t just say bye without me sharing what I have been loving this month.

To start with, I got a couple of jewelry from Masai Market and I’m really drooling over them. Adding a few pieces of jewelry never did hurt anyone. So if you guys get sometime over the weekend, hope over to the Masai market and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Secondly, my mum got me this cool ankle boots and really guys I’m having a wear it with anything and everything moment.

DSC_8777 (1)

I really do love them and the thought of pairing them with just about anything, from skater dress, to pencil skirts, shorts to body cons is giving me positive chills. And to just make it even more exciting they are red bottoms. A pair of ankle boots is definitely a must in your closet.

DSC_8791 (1)

There is also this belt that Mercy got me. Truth I love the color the bow when you wear it and I can pair it with just anything. I think I have worn it enough times this month.


Now, if you are in need of a classy handbag or clutch, kindly get in touch with Linda. She has been pimping me with bags and I so love them. This is just one of the many that I love.


In the current spirit of the fur trend, I decided to get me a scarf for about 0.20$. Yes!, thank God for thrifting. Apart from the color, I think it screams class.

Finally, Mina gems are becoming my favorite pieces. Got this necklace from them and I love it. It’s simple, doesn’t react with my skin. It’s just perfect. So check out their website and get clicking on what they are offering.

Oh and you are so welcome :-).


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  1. Thanks Doll :-).

  2. Gal I so want that handbag, it’s super cute.

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