The Art of Layering.



Pictures by Obedphotography.

I have never mastered the art of style layering. Being that I work on the other side of town, most of the time I’m left wondering what happened whenever I get to work.


I normally leave East land when the sun is out but immediately we start approaching West lands, the weather is dull and if that is not enough it might just decide to rain. Yes so most of the time especially when its winter, I have challenges dressing up for the weather. I never seem to get it right but at times I do.

I agree that layering is always the solution since the winter in this part of the world is quite undecided. Talk of days when we have summer in the mornings and winter in the afternoons ,or vice versa then you will know that this struggle is real.

Don’t get me wrong friends, I’m definitely not complaining about our lovely weather but just sharing my struggles which I’m almost certain that they are yours too.

One thing though that really annoys me is when you layer yourself out and the sun comes out then you are stuck with a stack of clothes :-(. Definitely not a plan.

But one thing I’m learning about, layering is to always keep it minimal  and here are  some more layering tips you guys  can apply in this cold season source from Lauren Conrad.


 Steps to a Perfectly Layered Outfit

  1. Start with a basic, lightweight top. I suggest a solid, something neutral, or striped.
  2. Add another layer such as a soft cardigan or sweater. If you’re into color, this can be a great opportunity to mix in a bold pullover to give your outfit more intrigue and depth.
  3. Then add a jacket or coat. Again, I suggest a basic color: camel, black, navy, or even olive green.
  4. Next, add a scarf. It’s like the frosting on a cupcake. A must!
  5. Sprinkle on your accessories (bracelets, rings, watches).

Quick Layering Tips

  • Keep the under-layers more fitted to keep your shape looking slim.
  • If you’re concerned about your waistline, try to top off your look with something belted.
  • Length and proportion is key when layering.
  • Play with texture. It’s best to incorporate a mix of materials when styling a layered look. If you use all of the same fabrics, you’re look will come off as heavy and dowdy (which can add the appearance of unwanted weight as well).

Stay warm and Lots of love.XX





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  1. Great tips..Thanks 🙂
    I love the outfit esp the coat..

  2. Great tips hun….. Absolutely love this….. The fringe is so cute too 🙂

  3. Amazing post including the tips part! Lovely style as well§

  4. Glad you do :-).

  5. loooove it especially the coat

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