Beauty Inside.

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So one of the things I have set out to do this year, is to focus and work more on my Inner beauty which is one subject that rarely gets talked about. As they say, you can wear the most expensive clothes, make and be the prettiest but if your personality is horrible then all that means nothing. Below are some tips that I have been putting to practice and I’m still putting into practice. Feel free to add more on the comment box below:-) and don’t forget to share this post and to follow me on social, if you haven’t already. Love and Love.

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1. Smile more
2. Give at least one compliment to someone every day
3. Use your words to spread love and kindness
4. Don’t gossip
5. Dedicate time to helping others

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6. Look for the positive in every situation
7. Do something that makes you happy every day
8. Make a list of things you’re good at

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9. Release yourself from any boundaries you have subconsciously placed on yourself
10. Forgive others easily
11. Don’t be easily angered
12. Learn to be kind to yourself
13. Find something that makes you laugh ever day

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14. Think kind thoughts
15. Don’t bottle up your emotions
16. Learn to not judge others
17. Always say “please” and “thank you”
18. Keep a sense of childlike wonder
19. Remember your worth

Dress– Vivo Active | Shoes – Primark |  Chocker – Dubois  | Coat– IG @Sybilcloset

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  1. beautiful photos

  2. This is a beautiful post..I love the message
    Looking stunning too..These Vivo Dresses just suit you!

  3. You look so gorgeous…. love what you did with the blog too its been a while since i was here.

  4. Wow, what a message…This is a lovely post Elle, all the best!!

  5. Absolutely love this post, and the message…… I truly love the woman you are becoming hunny…. Stunning, in and out….. Have a great week ahead :*

  6. I love am all about inner beauty too because no amount of foundation can cover a crapy personality!!

  7. Thank you :-).

  8. Love love love

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