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Let me be honest, I have been itching to share this photos with you guys. I’m definitely in love with this dress and I really loved the location of this photos. To tell you the truth I had no idea about the location let alone the jewelry I would use on this outfit.


I remember just telling Obed to be patient as I tried to figure out the Jewelry with Mercy (my assistant. She practically is behind making sure that my makeup is on point no bra straps are coming out and all those small things that we rarely think about. She is beyond patient and a true friend indeed. I really don’t know what I would do without Mercy. She has been there with me from the beginning and I really treasure and value her opinion).

Now back to locations (Most bloggers will identify with this, Locations can be a nightmare), so when I was done I told them I will know the location when I see it. Talk about walking blindly, but it is in moments like this that God really comes through. After walking round the Village Market, going up and down the staircases to the roof top, we finally found Espirit Ethnique, a show room that you guys need to visit and check their stuff out. They have Vintage products that are simply beautiful plus I had found my location. That one place that felt right with this dress. It brought out what I wanted the outfit to speak and the lighting was perfect.


Well, eleven months down 2016, I’m still looking at the woman in the mirror, praying each day that God guides her footsteps. And as we are almost wrapping this year and age is catching up with us, it’s always nice to look back and see what God has done for you and just give thanks no matter how small it is. Always remember that someone else wishes they had what you have.


Mythical Kind of love dark blue dress –  Romwe  |  Gladiator sandals –  Zara   |  Head piece –  Taji hair accessories|  Earings, bracelet & Rings – Masai market.









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