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I haven’t spoken style for a while so let’s just talk style. Have you guys ever felt that you cannot define your style? I’m trying to find the words to define my style and I simply can’t. I feel I’m at that point where I’m excited about trying out new things, playing with different stuff just to see how it will come out.


At the same time I love the reserved outfits. I recently created a board of Vintage and preppy outfits on Pinterest and I Can’t wait to share a post on those two with you guys.

But on today’s post, I’m back to Ankara pieces and how timeless they are. Initially I was to do a look book on the skirt, which I promise I will and I was to do a shirt instead of a cosset but then I thought the cosset looked much better since it’s a Maxi skirt, I could show off  some skin with  the top.

Always remember,

“True love is healthy, respectful, and nurturing, whether it’s for ourselves or for another person. It’s positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing to those in our sphere of influence, including the person we look at in the mirror every single morning—ourselves.”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD.


MUA – Sukiebeauty  | Earings & Ring – Masai Market  |Top – here |Maxi – labelle|Neck piece – IG @Dee Machokaa – accessories











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  1. I just don`t know how i missed this post??
    I know how frustating it can be let alone feel when you don`t know what defines your style. And i think it`s really good that you talk about it. It`s a journey. Your journey Elle to be precise and i think the challanges and frustrations involved is what makes the whole journey quite interesting. So keep on searching for that style that you feel most comfortable in! Don`t be in a rush. Take your time 🙂 We are here for you hun

  2. I love these photos. Girl you are beautiful! I used to be all about trying new things so I would buy any piece that I liked. I’d get it home and realize I had no idea how to style in it a way that I liked. Now I’m working on creating a semi minimal wardrobe. What a process…lol


  3. This is so beautiful, don’t beat yourself in trying to define your style…. That’s the beauty in it….. Anything’s possible…. I absolutely love the sultryness in this…. Your hair, your outfit….. Beautiful :* :*

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