Home is where the heart is …

Home is where the heart is …




Elvis and Monique engagement shoot tells a story of a couple that are not only in love but fashionably in love.

At times love can be right under your nose but it takes a little help to find it. Relax, Guys get you self some cup of anything; Coffee, Juice, lemon or green tea as we enjoy reading their story.


Monique and Elvis met during her uncle’s burial in 2010 and Elvis being Elvis asked for her number just in case Monique needed a shoulder to cry on but that didn’t go as planned. Guys need to be more creative when it comes to pick up lines or so I think.

But it seems luck was on Elvis’ side or God had seriously shone His flood light on him.  A few months later during missions organized by Advantage band in 2013, Elvis and Monique met again and this time Monique had her game up and Elvis couldn’t recognize her but as fate would have it, the two were to meet a third time working in the same company.

According to Elvis the company was sort of a start up and everyone’s number was on the notice board for emergency purposes … June 2014 , after months and months of persistence Monique finally  gave in to Elvis’ and  went  on a date at Kaldis restaurant which  gave birth to a friendship that  later graduated to a relationship.

After a series of Coffee and lunch dates, Elvis met Monique’s folks end of 2014 and asked her Dad if he could date his daughter, who gave them his blessings.

Elvis later asked Monique to be his girlfriend on the beach. The two got engaged this year and will be getting married later this year. Love sure is a beautiful thing as their pictures widely speak of their love .

Many thanks to Elvis an


Many thanks to Monique & Elvis| Pictures by Ngomo Photograohy




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